The A Cappella Singers sings for two “semesters” each year: fall (September – December) and spring (January – May). In addition to rehearsals, there other responsibilities necessary to keep the group pitch-perfect: Publicity, fundraising, concert coordination, and recruitment. Here are some of the details regarding membership with our chorus:


Visit our open rehearsals to meet our members and try our music. We ask that you sing a relaxed audition for our director.  Please refer to the Auditions page.


Each chorus member pays dues of $125 per semester for access to the sheet music, and the services of our musical director and accompanist,  hall rental and other financial responsibilities of the group.  We accommodate payment on varying scales.


Weekly rehearsals are from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. at Fisk Memorial United Methodist Church, 106 Walnut St., Natick, MA (directions). The in-person rehearsal space is the large room at the end of the long hallway upon entering from the parking lot. There is a Saturday rehearsal–date to be announced–from 10 am to noon. A dress rehearsal is held on the Friday night before the concert, from 7 – 9 p.m. Members are encouraged to attend as many rehearsals as possible and are asked to contact the president via email or phone if they cannot attend. Concerts are the first Saturday of December and a Saturday in May at Fisk Memorial United Methodist Church.

Rehearsal schedule

Practice Resources 

Administrative Forms:

Code of Conduct

Emergency Contact Form

Registration and Media Release Form


Every fall semester, we ask each member to sell at least two ads or solicit donations for the ad book, which is our biggest fundraiser of the year. The ad book is published before the holiday concert and is used for both the winter and spring concerts.

The A Cappella Singers is a nonprofit organization that operates on very efficient and minimal funding. The participation of our membership sustains our viability and contributes to the enhancement of vocal arts to the Metrowest area.


Two concerts are held each year. Please share and post our concert flyer. Click here for different formats.

The A Cappella Singers concerts are the culmination of time and talent toward a common goal: an event and experience that enriches the Metrowest community through the use of the most personal musical instrument: the human voice.

Our rigorous rehearsals result in a presentation of musical programming that showcases composition and individual voices that meld into musical harmony.

In addition to our vocal abilities, we organize the concert. The A Cappella Singers’ concerts involve the concert and reception for our valued guests. We decorate and entertain accordingly, which involves setup and breakdown for each concert. We appreciate the participation of membership to achieve the most rewarding experience for all involved: the sense of accomplishment for our members and the enjoyment of our cherished guests.

We host a reception after the concerts to treat our guests to savory and sweet treats that enrich camaraderie and conversation. Our members contribute to this effort. Sign-up sheets are provided and participation is tremendously appreciated. The positive experience of our attendance propels the success of our future!

Finally, the board and director of the ACS appreciate your membership! We want you to feel valued and enriched by your experience. Always feel that you can share your experience with us-—we value YOUR VOICE!